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AI identifies Thai country music from audio and lyrics

Luk thung, a popular subgenre of Thai folk music that emerged shortly after World War II, consists of poetic lyrics often sung with a distinctive vibrato and accompanied by traditional instruments like the khene (mouth organ), phin (lute), and saw sam sai (fiddle). Its aesthetic is distinct in the musical …

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Australia plans to block sites hosting extremist content during attacks

Enlarge / Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (left) with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during this weekend’s G7 summit in France. The Australian government announced the new censorship proposal in conjunction with the gathering. Australia is working on capabilities to quickly block websites hosting terrorist material during crisis events, officials …

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Apple reportedly halts peer-to-peer iPhone walkie-talkie project

Apple has reportedly paused work on an innovative project that would have enabled new iPhones to serve as peer-to-peer walkie-talkies for communication, even when they’re outside of cellular tower range. The Information said today that Apple was planning to include the feature in a next-generation Intel modem that was canceled …

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Why some experts are skeptical of Google’s new Web privacy strategy

Google’s Chrome team is feeling pressure from competitors over ad tracking. Apple has long offered industry-leading protection against tracking cookies, while Mozilla recently announced that Firefox will begin blocking tracking cookies by default. Microsoft has been experimenting with tracking protection features in Edge, too. But Google has a problem: it …

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Facial recognition startup Megvii files IPO in Hong Kong

Chinese AI firm Megvii Technology, backed by Alibaba, has filed in Hong Kong to conduct an IPO targeting proceeds of at least $500 million, two people said, just as the city faces political unrest and its first recession in a decade. Beijing-based Megvii, widely known for facial recognition platform Face++, …

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3 Things Stopping You From Embracing Automation

Automation is everywhere. It’s entering our homes, taking our orders, and even appearing behind the wheel. As consumers race to adopt the latest automated technology, businesses should follow suit. Reduced operating costs, increased output, and significant safety improvements are three key advantages of an automated business environment. Automation can also …

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Customer Experience Led by Productivity

Many large companies approach improving its customer experiences differently. Most common approaches come from the perspective of customer support solutions, user experience design, and account management. While these pathways are vitally important, more businesses could benefit from looking at customer experience through the lens of productivity. The bottom line is …

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