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Bigben’s acquisition of Spiders weaves a web of Double-A ambition

Last month, Bigben Interactive made an intriguing acquisition: Spiders, a French studio that specializes in action-role-playing games. It’s just another move behind the French company’s ambition to become a leader in the Double-A publishing market. This started with its own internal expansion, followed by the acquisitions of Cyanide (and with …

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Actually, engineers are the perfect tech CEOs

It has been Silicon Valley’s leadership template for decades — talented young engineers create something that resonates, scale it up, and find themselves as chief executive at the helm of a ship that is larger than they could possibly have imagined. Now, after an era of moving fast and breaking …

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Why people keep falling for viral hoaxes

The Internet is dark and full of terrible sources of information. Sometimes it seems like every day brings a new one to the list. There are the toxic conspiracy theories, deepfakes, and fake news mills. And then there are good old-fashioned Internet hoaxes. You know the ones—the sort of fear-mongering, …

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