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AI researchers have a plan to pay patients for data

iStock/Getty Images Robert Chang, a Stanford ophthalmologist, normally stays busy prescribing drops and performing eye surgery. But a few years ago, he decided to jump on a hot new trend in his field: artificial intelligence. Doctors like Chang often rely on eye imaging to track the development of conditions like …

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Researchers craft AI framework that explains your social media feeds

Feeds are the cornerstones on which modern music recommenders, news aggregators, and social media platforms are built. If you’re like most people, you spend minutes to hours each day scrolling through songs, clips, articles, questions, public service announcements, and advertisements informed by your interests and preferences. But wouldn’t it be …

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Formulate a Digital Marketing Strategy Using AI

It has been quite a while since AI was introduced to the world. At first, there was an outburst of conspiracies about robots being able to talk, and thus we (as humans) were going to control of the world. The news was all about those Facebook tests and their AI …

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Google’s AI learns how actions in videos are connected

AI systems have become quite competent at recognizing objects (and actions) in videos from diverse sources. But they aren’t perfect, in part because they’re mostly trained on corpora containing clips with single labels. Frame-by-frame tracking isn’t a particularly efficient solution because it would require that annotators apply labels to every …

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