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Another European heatwave, another link to climate change

Enlarge / Satellite-estimated surface temperatures for July 25, 2019. It’s becoming standard procedure that extreme weather events will quickly be analyzed by the World Weather Attribution team—a group of climate scientists who estimate the influence of climate change on individual events. But even so, covering fresh results on a record-breaking …

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How IoT Running on Blockchain Can Make Climate Change a Reality

Our planet supports a multitude of ecosystems like forests, coral reefs, rivers, and lakes that are crucial for human life. These ecosystems maintain complex relationships among many different types of organisms that produce breathable air and enhance water resources for our use. Human activity damages these ecosystems causing unpredictable changes …

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Many animals can’t adapt fast enough to climate change

Enlarge / Bonobos carrying the footprint of an ancient, extinct species of ape. Climate change has thrown our beautifully balanced planet into chaos. As oceans and forests transform and ecosystems go into shock, perhaps a million species teeter on the edge of extinction. But there may still be hope for …

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