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3 Ways to Create Cross-Functional Data Science Teams

Cross-functional teams utilize a group of people with different sets of expertise to work towards a common goal. When it comes to data science, thinking differently, and having contrasting angles of analysis is essential to delivering well-rounded business insights. Create cross-functional data science teams for optimal success. A data science …

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How to Create a Product that Truly Delights Customers

Earlier this year, Twitter quietly removed its vowels and released Twttr, a platform that essentially acted as a prototype for design changes and feature tweaks the company was considering for its regular site. By creating a separate application under the platform’s original name, the company signaled an attempt to get back to its …

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How video game engines help create smarter AI

Video game developers have longed used artificial intelligence to help create believable worlds. So it’s not too surprising that researchers can now use some of those same game-making tools to train AI. During a talk at VentureBeat’s Transform 2019 conference last week, Unity Technologies VP of AI and machine learning …

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