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Security tokens aren’t yet worth the hype

Over the last year, the concept of “security tokens”— digitized forms of financial securities such as bonds, shares, and real estate titles that are represented on a blockchain or distributed ledger — has started to gain traction. Security token proponents claim this innovation is nothing short of a “financial revolution.” …

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Weak consumer IoT security threatens enterprise systems

What’s keeping Stanford professor Zakir Durumeric up at night? It’s the risk that your smart appliances, connected TV, Wi-Fi printer, and ISP-provided router are being co-opted by diabolical botnets seeking to stage their next global DDoS attack. Top researchers from Stanford University and Avast Software have taken a look at …

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Linux security startup Capsule8 raises approximately $6.5 million led by Intel Capital

Capsule8 announced it has received a multimillion-dollar investment from Intel Capital. The estimated amount is $6.5 million. The startup, which offers cybersecurity protection for Linux production environments, said it will use the money to expand sales, marketing, product development, and customer-facing initiatives. Intel Capital joins existing investors ClearSky Security, Bessemer …

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