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YouTube flags robot battle videos as “animal fights”

Enlarge / The “Great White” bot from King of Bots. On Monday, several YouTube users had their videos removed from the service due to YouTube’s restrictions on animal fight footage. This was confusing, because the videos in question showed no animals fighting; instead, they showed robots battling. Robot combat has …

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YouTube should stop recommending garbage videos to users

Enlarge / YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California. In The New York Times, reporters Max Fisher and Amanda Taub explain how YouTube propelled the career of controversial Brazilian politician Jair Bolsonaro. Before his election as Brazil’s president, they write, Bolsonaro “had long used the platform to post hoaxes and conspiracies.” Ostensibly, …

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Google’s AI learns how actions in videos are connected

AI systems have become quite competent at recognizing objects (and actions) in videos from diverse sources. But they aren’t perfect, in part because they’re mostly trained on corpora containing clips with single labels. Frame-by-frame tracking isn’t a particularly efficient solution because it would require that annotators apply labels to every …

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These Minecraft videos show off over 500 hours of demonstrations

Who knew Minecraft offered such a rich training ground for AI and machine learning algorithms? Earlier this month, Facebook researchers posited that the hit game’s constraints make it well-suited to natural language understanding experiments. And in a newly published paper, a team at Carnegie Mellon describe a 130GB-734GB corpus intended …

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Udacity’s AI generates lecture videos from audio narration

Producing content for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms like Coursera and EdX might be academically rewarding (and potentially lucrative), but it’s time-consuming — particularly where videos are involved. Professional-level lecture clips require not only a veritable studio’s worth of equipment, but significant resources to transfer, edit, and upload footage …

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E3 2019 killed CG reveal videos

The 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles has come and gone. Despite talk of its demise, this show is still an inflection point. The biggest gaming companies work toward it each year. And I think it helps them establish a narrative that consumers are desperate to latch onto. But …

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