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Supercell’s latest game Rush Wars is out now in early test markets

Supercell is rolling out a test for its latest release, Rush Wars. The strategy battler is soft-launching in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and it should debut worldwide in the near future. For now, if you have an account in those countries, you can get Rush Wars on the iOS and Google Play app markets.

Rush Wars has you taking turns building up defenses and then building squads to attack other players. This offense/defense structure is similar to the asynchronous multiplayer in Supercell’s Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. The idea is to unlock units over time to improve both your attack and defensive power.

And also like those games, the visuals are simple and colorful. Even when a match has a lot going on, it’s relatively easy to follow along with the action.

What is Rush Wars?

On defense, you are essentially building your own tower defense map. You set up monster closets, turrets, and more, and then players can try to get 1-to-3 stars depending on how deep into your base they get. And since you don’t directly control the defense part of the game, players can try to destroy your gold mine even when you are away.

Offense is where you are in direct control. You build a squad based on the specific challenges of the base you are fighting against. And then you place those limited units on a play field. They will then rush into battle. You can then drop spells or certain other actions.

Again, all of that should sound familiar to fans of Supercell’s other games.

Rush Wars is Supercell’s sixth game. The company most recently launched Brawl Stars in late 2018 after extended soft launch. Before that, it launched Clash Royale in 2016.

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